Kart Racing Pro – Beta 8

Posted: 23/03/2013 in Kart Racing Pro
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krp logo


fix: tyres deformation
fix: dynamic track surface corruption
fix: steer ratio setup
fix: steer geometry simulation
fix: possibility to choose texture quality and new texture compression
fix: performance optimizations
fix: master server disconnection
fix: extended track checksum
fix: sounds during replay “live”
fix: skid and water wakes not generated on some materials
fix: possibility to set client port
fix: LAN search on 4 ports
fix: possibility to disable polls
fix: tyre wear restored after a reconnection
fix: on track results gap
fix: pit status
fix: live timing “event” message
fix: chat color
fix: G27 leds
new: automatic clutch
new: rain drops
new: rain occluders
new: output plugins draw
new: pause / resume dedicated server event
new: Zuera track


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