GP Bikes: beta2 released

Posted: 07/03/2013 in GP Bikes
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Piboso released the beta2 version of his GP Bikes Simulator. – 03/04/2013

This update addresses a vast amount of fixes and improvements, to the already brilliant project.


  • fix: calibration crash
  • fix: input dead-zone
  • fix “sticky” buttons assign
  • fix: When a lost calibration controller is disconnected
  • fix: input paused and face tracking
  • fix: results, replay and restart at the end of the last session
  • fix : multi-line MOTD
  • fix: master server disconnection
  • fix: race classification
  • fix: reset bug
  • fix: freelook tilt
  • fix: smooth and Deadzone and linearity heading
  • fix: pit status
  • fix: restore tire wear was after reconnection to
  • fix: possibility to set client port
  • fix: chat color
  • new: xml export
  • new: live timing
  • new: whitelist
  • new: input plugins support
  • new: kinect face tracking
  • new: GUID
  • new: end results race
  • new: plugins draw
  • new: rain occluders
  • new: direct-steer option
  • new: track animations
  • new: fixed cockpit view
  • new: pause / resume event dedicated server
  • new: possibility to disable polls


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