Project CARS: Weekly UPDATE [Build 417 – 414]

Posted: 01/03/2013 in Project CARS
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Build 417 (1/3/13, Junior Member+)
* Re-enabled Game usage in external script
* Added script search paths to includes in common libs
* Modified build scripts to bring into line with new script compiler common include handling
* Modified ScribeCompiler build rule to add new default properties and allow per-project editing
* Renamed ‘Scribe_Internal’ folder to ‘RaceAppCore_Scribe’
* Library update for “basic” tread mode
* Next revision of kart, including new A/B/C test
* Lensflares now come from the enviroment system
* New lenflare tech
* Can now live edit Lensflares and overide data based on time of day
* Fixed depth map support in skyrings – allows variation of fog strength so some parts look closer
* Crowds small flag animation fixes for props behavior + cleanup and selection sets update to contain proper meshes
* Casual women cheering animations
* Casual animations idles migration
* Add appCanOverrideSampler annotations for phase3 techniques to allow DX9 to modify Aniso settings correctly
* Balancing of ‘sports’ box
* Armco 3d distance adjustments to match main engine gain and filter roll offs
* Balancing adjustments (levels)
* RUF AI set added.
* Updating RUF set to take account of new physics. Balancing adjustments to 3d distance, distortion, compression and pitch.
* Adding RUF AI engine set
* RUF logo added
* Azure Circuit: Added new casino roundabout, merged in latest stuff from Janp, temp fixed sidewalk around latest JanP assets, deleted old stuff, updated trees on the casino roundabout
* Bathurst: Added outer grass, fixed various wall issues, reduced outer terrian extent to fix terrain pop up, created new grass exclusion map. added new texture for grass clusters for the autograss
* BMW M3 GT: New windscreen banner setup, bugfixing, updated headlights
* BMW M3 GT: Added placeholder livery banners + tweaked lights
* BMW M3 GT4: Fixed livery numbering
* Formula A: new aero with vastly increased ride height sensitivity. set suspension to use wheel rate for everything
* Ruf RGT8: Normals fixes, exhausts fix, AO added on wheels, brake disks and tyres
* Pirault Mega: Fixed spring rate calculation mistake. Ride frequencies now match the appropriate spec

Build 416 (28/2/13, Senior Manager)
* DX9/DX11 CHDRControl support for DS2X/DS4X tonemapped filtering + bicubic filtering/hybrid
* :CMemoryPools, Renderer::CFixedPoolsManager and Renderer::IPoolsManager replaced by MWL::Base MetaPools implementation
* HDRMethods_Combine shader support for DS2X and DS4X improved quality filtering using tonemapped samples. Placeholder code for BiCubic and Bicubic hybrid methods + Large cleanup of Tonemapping shader code
* Crowds flag anims: cloth settings + anim scene point cache paths fix
* Point cache data for flags deformations
* Crowds flag_big animation scene fixes + merge SIM flag
* Characters props migration
* Ruf RGT-8 and BMW M3 GT4: initial physics. Various tire.rg changes
* Eifelwald GP: Last chicane. End off track dectection 25m sooner to see if “next lap won’t count” message is fixed if taking last corner correctly
* Badenring Historic: Tightened up cut track detection in First chicane. Per forum feedback
* Badenring GP: Tighten the cut track detection in Turn 2. Lossened it up slightly in Turn 2. Per Forum feedback
* Azure Circuit: Added new sainte devote terrace+edited surounding things, fixed trees/bushes on it, added latest assets from JanP/MichalJ/DavidB, optimized mesh around the Casino area, updated trees on the new sainte devote terrace, road mesh, new textures
* Glencairn: Fixed Skyring and collision issues
* Pagani Zonda R: bugfixing + new cockpit banner setup
* BMW M3 GT4 : alpha1 driver animations
* BMW M3 GT4: Added Dunlop tires to works liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: added livery 1/2 names
* BMW M3 GT4: added works liveries 1/25
* BMW M3 GT4: added rear window banner
* BMW M1: new light setup + various bugfixes
* Caterham R500: setup changes for revised tire
* Ruf RGT8: Added door frames. All mirrors woking in CPIT now. Shadow flags fixes
* Ruf RGT8: Initial driver animations
* Fixed up several cars that couldn’t correctly use the eye point offset feature. Some viewpoints changed, some did not

Build 415 (27/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for BMW M3 GT opponent engine sounds not pausing when game is paused
* Revert light glow billboards to ignore depth testing
* Casual characters – fixed paths
* Characters data migration
* Props rig update
* Crowds billboards data migration

Build 414 (26/2/13, Manager+)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixes applink mismatch in TrackSelect/LayoutSelect screens
Helmet Cam:
* BUGFIX for Helmet clipping the near plane
* Added App Section module
* Updated BProjectKernel to use Create/Destroy etc methods (replaces obsolete Open/Run/Close)
* Fixed a mem leak from the title config module
* Minor updates to BFrameWork based on use by BAppSection Manager
* Added eRetWaiting state to tRetCode so that framework functions can be polled properly instead of sync blocking
* Removed _cdecl from baseconv declaration so that legacy code can be declared without having to add it (such as virtual funcs)
* Fixed various typos
* Renmed BFrameWork GetState/SetState to GetFWState/SetFWState to avoid function aliasing
* Renamed BProject/BProjectKernel funcs to keep consistent with new framework mehods
* Changed track selection screens to allow both single screen, and double screen, layouts to work alongside each other
* Fix for far cascade scene query results being too small (early morning/late evening time of day on a few tracks were hitting “SceneGraph AddObjectResult – Not enough Space” resulting in disappearing shadows in the far distance)
* DX11 – Fixed DepthClipEnable default value (just Align with what DX9 does)
* Fix for lightglow_billboard not depth buffering correctly (brakes lights, pit lights etc, shining through solid objects bug)
* Ambient shadows attentuate with fog distance
* Fix for tyre smoke not fogging correctly.
* Fix axisfacingquad + genericquad particle shaders to incorporate fog (leaves etc not fogging)
* Fixed Racing Line overlay not getting fogged
* Fix for Glass materials not being correctly fogged
* Fix for Sparking helmet materials
* Fix missing vertex shader normalizations in basic and basic windows.fx. Those two vertex shaders are now reusing worldeye for the fog calculation, which saves around 5% of the VS cost
* Shader fix for DX11 only mother-ship shadows bug
Ghost Mode:
* Modified ghost transparency calculations so that in mirror it is solid until it is almost upon you and it doesn’t go solid when near you, e.g. when just behind you but in front of the external camera
* Reverting code that disabled SSAO
* Adding Assassin music
* Experimental 3d and distance paramter gain and filtering
* Compression tweaks
* Changes to balance and 3d distance parameters
* Tweaks to levels
* Switches on RUF RGT 8 sound set
* Updated for use with the RUF. Compression, eq, filter and load settings added
* Adding engine set for RUF RGT 8
* Adding fdp for RUF RGT8
* Bathurst: Added specular maps to materials with wrong applied maps, fixed transparency things on fences, added anisotrophic filtering on materials, added fresnel to all of the materials, adjusted terrain height in areas requested on the forum, raised walls around track by 20cm, fixed as much as possible lod pop ups without touching the camera config file, dropped missed trees
* Badenring Historic – fixed flipped cut track corridor line in 3rd chicane
* Badenring National and Short – Last corner cut tracks updated to match recent changes to the GP circuit for consistency. Also moved first garage spot out onto pit lane so you don’t start behind closed garage doors
* Azure circuit – fixed railings, tweaked texture maps
* Pirault Mega SR: New LODB meshes
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed headlights
* BMW M3 GT: Added livery 19 + minor fixes to other liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: UV mapping + prepared for custom liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: added srcdata/physics files + cockpit display
* BMW M3 GT4: added runtime files + collision export
* BMW M3 GT4: added textures + placeholder liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: First export
* Ruf RGT-8: Cockpit glow texture update.
* Ruf RGT-8: Better black glass lines on windscreen. Basic lights setup, including lightglows. Quick cockpit AO. Fixes after testing in game
* Ruf RGT-8: First export

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