Project CARS: Weekly UPDATE [Build 412 – 408]

Posted: 22/02/2013 in Project CARS
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Build 412 (22/2/13, Team Member+)
* Fixed scrambled rendering when ghost was used in time trial
* Fix DEFAULT_MEMORY_POOLS compiler warning
* Fix for DX11 black dots on glass bug
* Fix for tyres/wheel shader causing frame-buffer NaNs (yet more black dots)
Command Lines:
* Modified -skipcrowds option to prevent it also skipping other animations
* Additional change to go with -skipcrowds switch, to fix assert when running second race
* BMW M1 Procar and Ford Capri: switched over to RBA-G tire carcass. Revised slick_purple to keep similar grip level
* Azure Circuit: New rascasse restaurant textures
* Azure Circuit: Reworked building 17 maps
* Azure Circuit: Moved blue17 maps to common
* Azure Circuit: Added lights near Rascasse
* Sakitto GP: Fine tuned the cut tracks futher in Spoon and 130R. Mostly made running wide in both corners more punishing

Build 411 (21/2/13, Senior Manager)
Command Line:
* Added -skipcrowds command line to allow people with lower performance machines to handle the tracks which have lots of crowds
* Fix for phase3 envmap shared target, missing clear.
* Fix for Rear View Mirror flickering bug (affected modes without MSAAA and also DS2X/DS4X)
* Avoiding BONNETCAM_ENVMAP specialisation param to be used when ShaderSpecModFlags::SkipBonnetCamEnvmap() is true
* ShaderSpecModFlags implemented, added into CShaderSpec – used for bonnetcam envmap / std. envmap switching
* Fix for another shadow-map issue that caused motherships on steep hills in the far cascade
* Fixes erroneus telemetry display on one of the cinematic camera views
* Converted vehicles_basic_translucent.fx shader to use pre-multiplied alpha (thereby allowing better combination of diffuse light and reflections on translucent parts such as light covers) and implemented dynamic opacity to better handle the visual effects necessary when light levels vary
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked outline edges, updated sidewalk around new JanP resized assets, fixed gaps, fixed issues with duplicate texturemaps, merged in latest JanP assets, marine centre.rar, updated sel sets
* BMW M3 E30: Light fixes
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed tyre rotation, new taillights

Build 410 (20/2/13, Senior Manager)
* Overcast fog fixed back to how it was previously
* Azure Circuit: Created new missing sec road “avenue de la Costa”, added sidewalk, terracing wall,added missing public garage, new textures created, added ao, added dedicated trees/bushes, merged in latest reworked assets from Janp, deleted some old stuff around my new reworked part, there are some big gaps that will be fixed when we will have new buildings in place
* Azure Circuit: New textures for sainte devote garage, wip first revision
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Common tread specular texture updated to latest specs

Build 409 (19/2/13, Manager+)
* Sharpen FXAA a little more
* Fix SLI/Crossfire convergence (dark cockputs/strobing bugs)
* Fix for horrible flickering in Crossfire/SLI due to partial envmap rendering
* Fix for DX11 green/yellow corruption screen bug when down-sampling is enabled
* Various shadow-map lookup bugs fixed, included the infamous mother-ship shadow bug
* Improved screenshot handling – filenames now have 0 instead of spaces, main menu accepts control key to get jpeg image. Screenshots now work for DX11 as well as DX9
* New screenshot support – creates DX11 or DX9 screenshot interface dependiong on active renderer
* Valentine’s banner removed until Cupid returns once again next year!
* Eifelwald: Further loft changes at Brunnchen entry and exit -sawtooth kerb added -end of kerb concrete added – “drop addd at brunnchen entry – drop added at brunnchen exit -raised kerb at entry and narrowed fixed loft curve at entry
* Heusden: Fixed whitelines, remove barriers around pitexit, remove cones around pit entrance and exit
* Bologna, Heusden, Lakeville: Cut track tweaking per WMD forum feed back
* Ford Focus RS: Fixed tyre setup

Build 408 (18/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed non-PC compile errors
* Fix for bodywork not reflecting when rain support enabled and no rain is falling, also includes a change to improve raindrop fade (making it the same as windscreen)
* Fix for DX11 black/grey/white dots on all car bodywork types (normal and carbon)
* Adding camera lists for internal and external
* Adding ‘center’ cam
* Changes to support multiple in-race camera states
* Added assignable key for ‘change in-race camera set’
* Kart A/B/C test set: a study in tread resolution
* Connecticut Hill: Added wet settings, materials
* Heusden: Deleted some cones around pitstart and pitexit area
* Azure circuit: Tweaked maps, added details

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