Project CARS: Weekly UPDATE [Build 403 – 407]

Posted: 15/02/2013 in Project CARS
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Build 407 (15/2/13, Team Member+)
Bug Fixes:
* Added protection against camera thread being asked to update cameras by the physics thread before there are any cameras to update (had caused a one off start up crash)
* Fixed namespace in generated DispatchLinker.cpp file
* Fixed dispatcher database dependency bug encountered when moving class definitions between different source files
* Increased database version number to force recreation of existing databases
* Pit2Car speech now only plays “cut track” speech if they actually cut the track (and a message is shown), so it’s only spoken for the more severe cuts
* Kart clutch tweak
* Next round of FB test tires
* tire.rg: revised slick_green, slick_white, slick_blue and corresponding carcasses to try and fight lazy spin syndrome
* Down Sampling App side code for DS2X and DS4X. (Griff’s)
* Deferred Rendering support for down-sampling AA modes
* DX9/DX11 support for down-sampling. RestoreDepth can correctly populate the depth-buffer from a linear deferred depth + various other HDR fixes
* Permanent fix for HUD case-sensitive hashing issue
* Data fix for missing HUD mirror in cockpit & missing map
* MainMenu Applinks – added DS2X and DS4X anti-aliasing options to the GUI
* Azure Circuit: New texture map
* Azure Circuit: New AIW for latest changes. adds support for pit lane too. grid size changed to 26 for the 13 pits spots
* Azure Circuit: Removed railings from maps
* Eifelwald: Further changes to the Hatzenbach curve and further detailing to the Visitor ringtaxi area
* Palmer JPLM: revised default setup
* Caper Monterey (road): new setup and tweaks to work well at road courses
* Asano LM11: reduced turbo lag and various other updates to go along with new tire to try and eliminate lazy spins
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries
* BMW M3 GT: Added liveries 09/10 names
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries
* BMW M3 GT: revised default setup, fixed weight to include driver
* BMW Z4 GT3: revised default setup for new tire

Build 406 (14/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Ghost rendering causing alt-tab crash in DX9
* Fixed an AIW issue when best waypoint in a P2P track chooses the last possible waypoint
* Background stretching issue on load screens sorted
* Love is in the air
* Fix for misaligned tacho needle on 4:3
* Added Motec Layout
* Azure Circuit: Added all tyrewalls+plastic barriers, used 2012 gp as ref, created textures and models. Totally reworked the barrier on the sainte devote. Refixed a bit the sidewalk after the hotel de paris, reworked around the new Mj asset. Fixed armco in front of the casino roundabout. Added armco end cover, created textures and model. Added some more road markings, between piscine and after the anthony noghes. Fixed geometry and mapped where needed, fixed stretched mapped on the road found here and there. Fixed a bit asphalt colour. Updated vt static conc barriers. Merged in latest from JanP. Updated csm. Updated sel sets. Added detail on the texture, nibox building complex. Fixed conc barriers position
* Eifelwald: Smoothed bump before Hocheichen bridge, moved “jump” in Fuchsrohre, smoothed wrong bump in Hatzenbach curve, added bumps after rumble, added bumps in Karussel, added bumps at Breidscheid bridge, added small “drop” at Exmohle began correcting visitor are dimensions and details
* Badenring GP: Abit of a test moving the corridors for the last corner even further in on the outside of the last corner run wide area. They are only now on the black top and exclude the curbing
* BMW M1: fixed fuel needle, separated LODA/LODX meshes
* BMW M3 GroupA: UV mapping, various fixes, separated LODA/LODX body meshes
* BMW M3 GroupA: Added custom livery support
* BMW M3 GroupA: tweaked headlight textures
* BMW M3 GroupA: tweaked taillights textures
* BMW M3 GT: Fixed missing CPIT windows, fixed interior paint material
* BMW M3 GT: Added option to paint interior for custom liveries
* BMW M3 GT: Added liveries 05/06 and 07/08 names
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries
* Caper Monterey: spring rate for tire deformation adjusted

Build 405 (13/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed gold link error caused by missing codecs in the config manager
* Inital groundwork on YouTube capture/upload
* Fixed FXAA causing softening/blurring. Much sharper now!
* Additional fix for HUD hashing issue on camera modes
* Updated HUD data version
* Bug fix for mis-aligned tacho needle & missing HUD on round trip in game
* Azure circuit: Texture maps tweaked

Build 404 (12/2/13, Manager+)
* Besos GP: Fixed overly strict cut track on leftside of first turn esses per forum feedback
* Bologna Reverse: Fixed cut track at any corner entrance where the forward direction provided legal runoff areas that in reverse added to width of corner entrance
* Badenring Short: Fixed cut tracks at hairpin per forum feedback
* Besos National: Turn 2 outside. Extended cut tracks out onto sand trap to avoid cut track if you land there
* Monterey: Fine tuned cut tracks
* Pirault Mega SR: Fixed LODB skirts
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries

Known Issues: We have a lot of issues with the HUD in this build, needles are mis-alligned, and going into a 2nd race the HUD with disappear from chase cam altogether.

Build 403 (11/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed crash on returning from race fix static cams set
* White edge artefacts when global specular irradiance is enabled, reduced by 70%
* Split include file to expose selected input definitions to scripts
* Removed unused viewport from dynamic envmap – to help avoid confusion when maintaining and comparing code
Debug Keys:
* Added debug key (ctrl+shift+L) to toggle driving line (must be enabled in gameplay options first of course)
* Placed new standing and sitting billboard crowds
* Groundwork checked in for Customisable HUD
* Eifelwald: Added tarmac seams at Doettinger Hohe, added/fixed loft issues between Hatzenbach and Hocheichen as per requested in WMD forum
* Solitude Rennstrrecke: New AIW
* Solitude Rennstrrecke: Changed texture
* Solitude Rennstrrecke: New export
* Northampton: Adjusted cut track to exclude most paved areas just beyond the grass strips lining the track
* Pagani Huayra: Front bumper grille UV fixed
* Pirault Mega: unlocked setup options
* Pirault Mega: removed wrong logo on gauges
* Pirault Mega: Updated LODA, added AO
* Fixed common tire tread direction

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