Project CARS: Weekly Build Release [Build 394 – Build 397] + NEW SLS AMG video

Posted: 01/02/2013 in Project CARS
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Build 397 (1/2/13, Junior Member+)
* Modified free camera controls as follows :
* made R and F keys move camera up and down
* made Q and E keys change speed of camera movement
* made Z and C keys roll camera left and right
* added mouse smoothing, and ctrl-M to toggle it (off by default)
* added mouse speed scaling (turn rate proportional to square root of movement speed) – off by default, toggled with num pad 0
* made numpad key actions continue working when ctrl or shift pressed
* disabled radius text display until thread safety issue can be addressed
* Stopped ctrl-pgup and ctrl-pgdn keys being applied when using free camera
* Tire.rg: reduced grip on slick_white. new, temporary street_limegreen test tire for BAC Mono
* Staro-Motors added to the Manufacturer Logos in-game
* Azure Circuit: Added conc side kerbs/drains, started to cut road under kerbs, reworked sidewalk/armco after Sainte Devote turn, merged in latest work from JanP, fixed csm, updated sel sets
* Moneterey: Fixed export sets and re-exported
* Emirates tracks (4 versions): Hand edit all the cut tracks. Because these tracks are 100% blacktop runoff everywhere the cut tracks extended way out the exits of all corners alowing liberal track cutting
* Milan: Adjusted kerbs, rumbles, fied collision issues
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* Eifelwald: Changed camber at Metzgesfeld, further edited Brnnchen area, added missing visitor gate at Adenauer forst, darkened asphalt
* Bumped version of all vehicles for stat reset
* BMW M3 GT: Setup tweaks
* Staro SRS: First export added to game
* Staro SRS: Very basic physics work. added collision export
* Staro SRS: Added srcdata/physics files
* Staro SRS: AI audio setup and balance
* Staro SRS: Adding engine audio set
* Staro SRS: Added missing display texture
* Staro SRS: Fixed rear wing animation

Build 396 (31/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Removed command line option to use old tyre model
* Cloud movement keyed from time speed factor
* WTC edits adding cloud fog, cloud and cloud shadow speed (per speedup factor) and gsi multiplier
* Heavy fog condition added. Early wip
* Tire.rg: street cars now using RRF-G carcass. street_green overhauled. slick_green potential lazy slide fix. WIP slick_white changes
* Monterey: Remodelled kerbs to try and fix collision issues, added pit triggers, fixed export set problems
* Wisconsin Raceway: New textures for wet tracks
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked emm. map
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Azure circuit: Updated maps into common folder
* Eifelwald: Added wetroad effect to Eiffelwald
* Moravia: Added trigger (pitin adn pitout), fixed start trigger bug
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* Gumpert apollo: setup tweaks to reduce oversteer
* Caterham SP300R: setup tweaks to reduce understeer
* BMW M3 E30: setup and other tweaks to stabilize rear end
* Ford Focus RS: Added first export
* Ford Focus RS: First pass at FWD physics

Build 395 (30/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Fixed bug caused by typo
* Fix for missing race sounds when qualifying. Race sounds are started when the session starts, to cover for Qualifying loading but skipping the pre-race sequence (the race sounds are normally started from that)
* Wisconsin Raceway: Completley new AIW to match the updated geometry. Track widths and some corner radii changed. Updated 64 car grid from the previous 3 per row to 2 per row for narrower front straight width
* Milan: New export
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export

Build 394 (29/1/13, Manager+)
* Fix incorrect track name on race overview screen
* Also added weather and time progression applinks
* HUD lap-info now updating on advance session
* Carbon bodywork shader – TSnormal usage corrected + rain support enhanced – droplets sampler settings changed – texture will use mipmaps now (avoiding noise on distant cars), Added scale factor (selfReflection)to prevent raindrop reflections going through bodywork, thereby reducing the over-bright droplets on shadowed side of the car
* Sakitto: Added trigger,pitin and pitout, (fixes qualifying bug), fixed csm, unused ammended collsions removed
* Badenring:Fixed Missing and overlapping road issues
* Heusden: Fixed overlayblend edges textures, added grass skids, added missing graveledges, fixed mapping on kerbedges, added missing trackedge parts
* Milan: Texturemap exposure adjusted
* Milan: Treewalls texture update
* Misc cut track corridor adjustments made per WMD forum feedback at the following tracks: Badenring GP, Badenring National, Belgian Forest, Besos GP, Connecticut Hill, Connecticut Hill Short, Monterey
* BMW M3 GT: Fixed custom livery support

Build 393 (28/1/13, Senior Manager)
Game Modes:
* Enable first pass at qualifying
* Derby: Removed some branding from a texture
* Memphis: Fixed cut tracks issues in turns
* Besos National: New AIW to address changed geometry here from last AIW creation. Fixes the cut track issues too
* Badenring: Added, wet track gravel, kerbs and fixes to mapping
* Azure Circuit: Added road markings along the tunnel
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Heusden: Added tracklight file

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