War Thunder: Update 30.01.2013 (

Posted: 30/01/2013 in News - Archive
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  • Nvidia 7600/6600 series cards support; ATI x1650/x1950 series cards support;
  • Control over damaged aircraft.
Control over damaged aircraft – it’s a possibility to control an aircraft after receiving critical damage, such as wing or tail parts loss, engine ignition, etc.
When an aircraft is damaged, you receive a quick tip how to eject from an aircraft. Catpult ejection button is “J” in default keyboard setting. Button may be set or changed in Controls menu.
Damaged aircraft may land on the airfield, where it will be repaired. It also may be landed right on a batllefield or fight till the end.
In arcade mode and modes with resurrections catapult ejection is forced after 30 sec. flight after the critical damage recieved.
  • Sensitivity settings for turret gunners control;
  • Automatic leaving of an aircraft, if player is not active after spawn on airfield for a long time;
  • Smoke effects on cut parts;
  • You may see your squad mates’ country and aircrafts (as tool-tip);
  • Dedicated ingame window makes squad invitation easier;
  • New maps: [Ground Strike] Fjords, [Domination] Asia;
  • Screen effects options in game menu (select “Game Settings”);
  • Text chat and quick radio messages for your squad;
  • Bug fix: low clouds over airfield in test flight;
  • Bug fix: drawing clouds, fire and smoke through trees;
  • Fixed issue: jet seat continues to vibrate after aircraft crash;
  • Displaying selected weapon set in map menu (in-action “M” button) fixed;
  • Fixed “PrintScreen” button for Windows7, also in hangar;
  • Fixed export/import of control settings;
  • Dust from propeller on the ground is now drawing correctly for every aircraft;
  • Improved force feedback: data now importing from the aircraft physical model;
  • Improved Instructor’s braking on the ground: now he releases the brakes later;
  • Improved landing physics: emergency landing is now real. Belly landing physics and control  improved;
  • Two-sided decals are now available for hulls;
  • Player’s profile is now saved as one file ‘profile.config.blk’;
  • Improved video FX for shots from low fire-rate cannons;
  • Nose-down dive sound improved. Now it’s appear only on high speed, close to critical;
  • Game chat is available from loading screen;
  • Intro video switched off after few replays;
  • Mountains visibility in some locations improved on 10 km (from 50 km to 60 km).

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