Project CARS: Weekly Build Release [Build 388 – Build 392]

Posted: 25/01/2013 in Project CARS
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Build 392 (25/1/13, Team Member+)
* Freecam speed controls modified so that the speed varies smoothly from one to another, rather than instantly snapping.
* Freecam modifications for providing “similar rotation around a pivot” to that found in chase cam, and using the same control keys.
* Scripted controller detection: Added dialog handling functionality to script interface. Added some detection dialog related entries to the text database
* ScriptCompiler: Fixed conflicts between class and namespace names when nested classes are defined in script headers
* ScriptCompiler: Fixed database dependency problems caused by nested class handling
* ScriptCompiler: Allowed non-explicit constants (e.g. constant data vars, enums) to be passed as event arguments
* ScriptCompiler: Added ‘Constant Expected’ error for handling unsuitable event arguments
* ScriptCompiler: Increased database version number to
* ScriptCompiler: Added parsing of const pointer types to header parser (e.g ‘void * const’)
* ScriptCompiler: Reworded non-fatal database error messages to prevent VS2010 from stopping compilation unnecessarily
* Scribe: Added cMessage.SendTo() to expose sending of messages to specific script instances
* Tire.rg: revised slick tire for the GT cars and LM11
* Azure Circuit: Added more or less all road marking, left to add them along the tunnel. Started to add conc drain along the road. Reworked swimming pool kerb, added conc drain, cut the road mesh below them, remapped. Reworked anthony noghes kerb, cut the road mesh below them, fixed armco, remapped.
Fixed mirabeau hairpin sidewalk and wall, grass, trees,first step it needs some more fixes. Set flags for all new objects. Merged in latest assets from JanP. Updated csm. Updated sel sets
* Heusden: Fixed further uvstretching on another hillside terrain part
* Heusden: Added pitstuff
* Heusden: Added nightskyring
* Heusden: Heusden, added wetroad effects, on roads, trackside tarmacs, kerbs, gravelbeds, added working tracklights back to track, fixed aliasing on skydome and closed minigaps
* Derby: Repostioned the 38 garage spots 1-2meters left for changed garage geometry. Car can exit without hitting right wall now. Also move start grid positions back 1 space to align with all start box graphics
* Milan: Improved outer terrain, mapped slopes, fixed garages collision, added missing wall, adjusted trees and bushes position accordance with terrain changes
* BMW M3 GT: Custom Livery support added
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 works liveries
* BMW M1: fixed livery names
* BMW M1: changed hands pose to more relaxed one
* BMW M1: Changed rims on some liveries
* Caterham R500: fixed typo in rear suspension geometry
* Asano LM11: non-forward drag values from CFD. collision offset hack for curb issues.
* BMW Z4 GT3: Non-forward drag values from CFD. Collision offset hack to reduce curb issues.
* Asano X4, BMW M1, JPLM, Racers: collision offset hack to reduce curb issues

Build 391 (24/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Eifelwald: Fixed found gaps and fixed one hard bump issue in roadCSM
* Moravia: New vertical brake markers added to dynamic bank and placed on track (export files + scene files)
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Derby: Fixed dark colour issue on problem gravel area
* Northampton: More garage interiors added, garage doors opened, garage collisions updated, ammended collisions added
* Solitude Rennstrecke: Collision bug fixed and new export
* Deleted redundant “skin” materials

Build 390 (23/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Tyre contact patch domain sizing optimization
* Fy twist flex mode
* FB rev on tires
* Derby: Reduced brightness/spec on kerbs
* Moravia: Moved Pitlane assets closer to garages
* Moravia: Added missing assets, ammended collision for pitstuff
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export

*KNOWN ISSUES:* The new Solitude export has missing collision mesh, meaning you will fall through the ground at all times. It is not testable in this build

Build 389 (22/1/13, Manager+)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for replay mode getting stuck when viewing from a Season. Season post-race screen had changed to use the standard one, so replay was trying to return to the wrong screen
* Added missing brace to bodywork2_skinned.fx
* Fix for multi-face billboard shader problems with self shadowing intersecting the billboard and causing highly visible straight lines where they cut through
* Fixed character normal map not working at all when using basic_billboard shader
* Fixed merge error in shader code
* Derby: Added wet track materials and shadow fences
* Derby: New textures
* Milan: Improved green concretes, added normal maps on road wet surfaces, added ground cover files
* Milan: Added ground cover files
* Bodywork2.fx – droplets sampler settings changed – texture will use mipmaps now (avoiding noise on distant cars), Added scale factor (selfReflection)to prevent raindrop reflections going through bodywork, thereby reducing the over-bright droplets on shadowed side of the car
* Rain droplets texture – mipmaps generated – avoiding noisy rain drops on distant cars
* Racer V8: non-forward drag values from Falcon CFD

Build 388 (21/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Added null pointer protection within debug line functions to prevent crash
* Groundwork for scripted controller detection/calibration
* Moravia: Added pit and tracklights, missing start gantry, missing start Hut, missing overtrack gantries, pitlane stuff and interiors for the rooms above garages
* Moravia: New export to add textures second try
* Sakitto: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates for
* Northampton: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Wisconsyn Raceway: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Lakeville Raceway: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Eifelwald: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Milan Modern & Historic: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Monterey: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Derby: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* California Highway: Adding static emap co-ordinates
* Badenring modern & historic: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates for
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* BMW M1: Added liveries 1/2 names
* BMW M1: new Procar livery

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