Rise of Flight: 1.029b hotfix is ready

Posted: 24/01/2013 in Rise of Flight
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Change list of version 1.029b მნიშვნელოვანი ცვლილებები და ფიქსებია, საუნდთან დაკავშირებით. უფრო დაწვრილებით იხილეთ გვერდზე RoF ასევე იხილეთ ბლოგი

1. Sound disappearing (without restoring) issue fixed.
2. Headwind and backwind flying air speed difference was removed (due to propeller vortex fix).
3. Plane tendency to turn aside of wind in level flight was removed (due to propeller vortex fix).
4. Plane behavior on take-off and landing with side-wind was corrected (due to propeller vortex fix).
5. Felixstowe now is sinking faster when damaged
6. Felixstowe waterline rising after land issue was fixed
7. Felixstowe engines now are sinking fast
8. Felixstowe “only photo” payload now provides camera in nose gunner’s cockpit correctly
9. BW12 floats frame durability was adjusted
10. Engine now is damaging gradually when is flooded
11. Force feedback effect on water takeoff / land was improved
12. Hydroplanes drifting on water on slow speed was tuned
13. Propeller durability in collisions with ground/water was adjusted (now it’s not “glass” and not “concrete”)
14. High-speed collisions with water are not providing physics anomalies anymore
15. Water splashes were added to all plane debris
16. German anemometer now shows TAS as it should, not ground speed.
17. Durability of the damaged multi-wing spatial structure was restored.

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