Assetto Corsa: Statement

Posted: 20/12/2012 in Assetto Corsa
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დეველოპერმა Kunos Simulazioni აცხადებს, რომ 2011 წელს დაანონსებული სიმულატორი Assetto Corsa (AC) რომელიც უნდა დარელიზებულიყო 2012 წლის ბოლოსთვის, ვერ ხერხდება და გადაიდო არც თუ შორეულ მომავალში, საუბარია 2013 წლის პირველ კვარტალში. იქიდან გამომდინარე, რომ აღნიშნული თარიღს სულ რაღაც 3/4 თვე აშორებს, მეჩვენება რომ საბოლოო იქნება და აღარ გამოჩდება ახალი სირთულეები პროექტზე მუშაობისას.

Kunos Simulazioni ცოტა უცნაური თარიღი დათქვა კიდევ სხვა სიახლეების გასამხელად. 21st 2012, 21.00 საათზე, გვირჩევს თვალი ვადევნოთ მათ საიტზე თუ სხვა სოც. რესურსებზე.


First of all all, we would like to apologise for the lack of updates and news related to the release of Assetto Corsa. We have been working very hard on the Assetto Corsa project and before we make any more announcements we have had to wait until everything is in place. Now, at last, we can share some important information with you, our fans.

Almost a year ago, on December the 23rd, 2011, we announced that we are developing a new PC racing simulation, “Assetto Corsa”. Our aim was to be able to release the game one year later, during 2012’s holiday season.

We will not reach this goal. Assetto Corsa has been delayed and the release is now expected within 1st quarter 2013, as some of you may already know. The “Assetto Corsa technology preview”, a graphics benchmark, expected to be released in 2012, has been delayed too.

We know a lot of people are keenly waiting for the release of Assetto Corsa, and we wish to thank them for the support they have given us since we announced our most ambitious project.

If you are an experienced gamer you will already be aware that these kind of delays can happen, and will know as well that reasons for such delays can be boring. But, trust us, this is not the case, because the reasons behind our decision to delay Assetto Corsa for a few weeks are the best possible.

We just ask you to remember that what you have seen, what we are able to show you, is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not possible for us to help you understand the amount of work we have put in, as well as the many situations that can determine some of our choices.

Anyway, on December, 21st 2012, at 21.00, European time, please connect to, or , or or Assetto Corsa Google plus and prepare yourself for the most unexpected ending we are able to give you…

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