Preliminary DCS Change Log 1.2.3

Posted: 19/12/2012 in News - Archive
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მომდევნო ვერსიაში მოსალოდნელი ცვლილებების და ჩასწორებების სია, რომელიც მალე გამოვა განახლების სახით:

Preliminary DCS Change Log 1.2.3

New Features:

DCS World
• Added new Su-27 model.
• Added new Mission Editor trigger rule – Bomb in Zone.
• New mission editor skin. Incomplete work in progress.
• Helicopters will better maneuver against AAA maneuvering when in the threat area.
• Added new Mission Editor trigger rule – Expression.
• Scripting Engine: Fixed outText and outSound for Coalition and Group
• Scripting Engine: Added “Mission” Task for ground groups
• Mission Editor UI for group variation placement tool added, not functional yet.
• New skins for F-15C and MiG-31.
• Model LODs have been better optimized.

Combined Arms

• Combined Arms. Life-bar for ground units in the F10 Command Map view. This can be toggled on and off with button on Command Map.
• Combined Arms. AI units will resupply ammunition from a warehouse or cargo truck at ranges less than 100 meters, periodicity – once a minute. Player’s can do this with the LALT + ‘ key combination.
• Command Map control of air units. You can now route them, set speed and altitude, and set targets.
• Combined Arms. Ground units in group now stay in formation with user when in first person control mode. User can set formation and ROE when in 1st person mode.
• Combined Arms. Updated, higher resolution ground unit HUDs.
• Combined Arms. Added min and max range rings for all indirect fire systems.
• Combined Arms. Added countdown timer for indirect fire missions.
• Combined Arms. Mission designer can now determine which ground units can and cannot be controlled by players (1st person and Command Map).
• Combined Arms. Platform Shake is better implemented and provides basic “weapon stabilization” option when the vehicle is on the move.
• Combined Arms. Added hot keys for hull / turret alignments, turret lock, and gun lock on azimuth.
• Combined Arms. Changing round type loading delay added.
• Combined Arms. Added military icons for Command Map.
• Combined Arms. Provided NVG gain.
• Combined Arms. New compass orientation options.
• Combined Arms. Signal flare options.
• Combined Arms. Added tracer effect to armor piercing rounds.

Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3)
• New Su-27 campaign.
• Added new multiplayer missions.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

DCS World
• Tuned aircraft gun smoke.
• Fixed Set Path to Column formation.
• Fixed Georgian soldier animation.
• Fixed long range radar break-lock for Russian aircraft.
• AIM-120 and R-77 maximum load factor increased to 40g.
• R-77 data adjust. Thrust, lift and drag.
• AIM-120 data adjusted. Lift and drag.
• AIM-9M maximum load factor increased to 35g.
• AIM-9M thrust changed 12000 N.
• Adjusted AIM-9P drag.
• AIM-7M thrust and drug adjustments were made.
• Increased load factor to R-27 family to 24g.
• Increased R-27ER initial delay to 1.5 sec.
• AIM-54 data adjustment. Thrust, drug, lift, initial delay of guidance.
• R-33 data adjusted. Thrust, drug and lift, initial delay of guidance.
• R-60 data adjusted.
• R-73 data adjusted.
• Multi-channel missile guidance is fixed.
• Decreased the damage value of modern AA missiles warheads from directional to enhanced. Earlier AIM-120 and R-77 had a warheads with large multiplier factor termed “directional”. These missiles were very lethal, more so than even an S-300. It was not realistic and we decided replace “directional” warhead with the less power “enhanced” warhead.
• Number of simultaneously guided AIM-120s is 4 for F-15, F-16 and F-18.
• Number of simultaneously guided AIM-54 is 4 for F-14.
• Fixed AI planes unable to engage SA-8 with Anti-Radiation Missiles.
• Fixed situation where AI sometimes launch AGM-65 Mavericks from too far away; AGM-65 would self-destructs before reaching target.
• Added S-8TsM and S-8OFP2 rockets to inventory of MiG-29A/G/S and Su-33.
• Renamed S-8KOM to S-8TsM in the one AFAC Su-25 payloads.
• The F-15C and Su-27 will now use their RWR systems when the Mission Editor RADAR USING option is not applied.
• Adjustments to the air combat maneuvering of all aircraft.
• “Transmit Message” command parameters indication is now in the action list
• Fixed infantry not moving when route is changed.
• Fixed client crash in MP.
• Fixed pilot models with K36 ejection seat.
• Debris of a killed soldier has been removed.
• Adjusted AWACS action time.
• Fixed switch waypoint triggered action.
• Changed setting of mission start time (day, month).
• Default damage parameters tuned for old aircraft models.
• Fixed Mission Editor error when trying to change aircraft country.
• Fixed Mission Editor that pressing File\Create in the drop menu did nothing.
• Aircraft will reset landing airdrome each time landing procedures is initiated.
• Changed color of missile flame and smoke from blue to yellow.
• “REACTION ON THREAT” option will now affect active ECM systems.
• Problem with random uncontrollable rotation of the tower in some circumstances has been resolved.
• Night vision staying switch to on after exit from the previous server has been fixed.
• Incoming missiles warning messages has been corrected.
• Helicopters will better maneuver against anti AAA when in the threat area.

DCS Modules

• A-10C. A-10C TGP IR operation is fixed.
• FC3. SPO not reacting to launch of an I-HAWK or S300 is partially resolved.
• FC3. Fixed F-15C ADI operation reversed.
• FC3. Fixed A-10A ADI operation reversed.
• FC3. F-15C/A-10A. Fixed autopilot not allowing refueling during tanker orbit.
• FC3. Corrected and adjusted Russian A-10 campaign by Dzen.
• FC3. Fixed some errors in F-15C campaign.
• FC3. The MiG-29 HUD diamond on the target will now only appear when it is locked by radar.
• FC3. Updated SEAD payloads and air defense deployments in some missions.
• FC3. Missiles DLZ has been partially corrected.
• FC3. Stations display on Su-27 and MiG-29 HUDs was made more realistic – just an ‘underscore’ is displayed if a weapon present, and station number is additionally displayed if weapon is ready to launch.
1) Fixed stations display on Russian HUD – only stations for currently selected weapon are displayed.
2) Implemented MiG-29S style of stations display on HUD.
• FC3. Fixed the IRRAD mark for the Russian aircraft. This would overlap with range tape.
• Combined Arms. Instant fire on ammunition switching has been fixed.
• Combined Arms. Switched the reverse gear after the vehicle has stopped.
• Combined Arms: Transition to alarm state GREEN for ground units has been fixed
• Combined Arms. Unarmed vehicles will use their sensors when acting as a JTAC.

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