DCS: Combined Arms: Update v 1.2.3

Posted: 15/12/2012 in News - Archive
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DCS World -ის ერთ-ერთი ოფიციალური მოდულის Combined Arms (CA)  აპდეიტი. როგორც ED ირწმუნება, ეს არაა განახლების და ფიქსების სრული სია.  ორიგინალი პოსტი – CA  რუსული გვერდი

  • Command Map control of air units. You can now route them, set speed and altitude, and set targets.
  • Ground units in group now stay in formation with user when in first person control mode. User can set formation and ROE when in 1st person mode.
  • Updated, higher resolution ground unit HUDs.
  • Added min and max range rings for all indirect fire systems.
  • Added countdown timer for indirect fire missions.
  • Mission designer can now determine which ground units can and cannot be controlled by players (1st person and Command Map).
  • Platform Shake is better implemented and provides basic “weapon stabilization” option when the vehicle is on the move.
  • Added hot keys for hull / turret alignments, turret lock, and gun lock on azimuth.
  • Unit resupply added during mission, tied to cargo trucks and warehouses.
  • Reduced muzzles smoke effect.
  • Changing round type loading delay added.
  • Added military icons for Command Map.
  • Provided NVG gain.
  • New compass orientation options.
  • Signal flare options.

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