DCS: World: Today an auto update

Posted: 26/11/2012 in DCS: World
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  • Su-25T client brake chute cover will now close after rearming at an airbase when in MP.
  • Added corrections to the A-10C campaign.
  • FC3: Removed the possibility for black clouds when in the F-15C.
  • FC3: Converted FC2 MiG-29S campaign for FC3.
  • FC3: Converted FC2 Su-25 campaign for FC3.
  • FC3: Converted FC2 A-10A campaign for FC3.
  • Improved AI aircraft evasive maneuvers.
  • Autoupdater: Fixed the behaviour that after failed or cancelled update, the next one will automatically run only on the next day.
  • Autoupdater: Fixed the problem with no updates seen when ISP uses transparent web-caching.
  • Autoupdater and installers are now digitally signed
  • Fixed crash in MP when an A-10C client lowers the boarding ladder.
  • Minor preload optimization. Decreased radius of map preload. Added preload function independent from camera position.
  • FC3: Fixed Su-33 In-cockpit weapons station indicator has 11 stations listed instead of 12.
  • FC3: Fixed SFM aircraft thrust when an engine is damage.
  • CA – Fixed turret control with mouse being”Jumpy”, stop and starts slewing with mouse movement instead of mouse position. Fixed turret rotation manual control refactoring, WIP.
  • Fixed issues with loading older FC2 missions.
  • Fixed the Ka-50 pilot texture.

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