A2A Simulations: Core Accu-Sim Update v.1.5 [Spitfire, P-40, and P-51]

Posted: 20/11/2012 in A2A Simulations
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Core Accu-Sim განახლებაში შედის მანმდე ყველა განახლებები. ეს განახლება Core Accu-Sim -ის არის Spitfire, P-40, and P-51 -ზე. უფრო დაწვრილებით და გადმოწერა შესაძლებელია ოფ. ფორუმიდან – Core Accu-Sim Update v.1.5

– Re-tuned airframe physics
– New fuel consumption code
– Cold start removes fuel from lines
– Engine state and hours won’t be reset after update
– Mags more efficient for less RPM drop
– Battery charge now saved with the aircraft
– Batteries now charge fully in maint hangar (were receiving less than a full charge)
– Support for P-51 Modern / Civilian version
– Fixed an initialization bug with virgin flights
– Fixed bug in propeller drag physics

P-51 Military
– New thick canopy frame
– VC. Flatter nose area
– Clipboard now reads both nautical and statute miles
– Changed miles abbreviation from “m” to “sm” in pilot’s notes
– Radiator more durable
– Adjusted fix in flight dynamics that was causing issues during slip maneuvers
– Tail wheel steering adjusted
– Original brakes for the military P51
– Aftercoolant bug fixed
– Battery amp hours increased from 34 (military Mustang) to 43
– Fuel burn changes
– Fixed bug in pilot’s weight with cold and dark
– Added an X to close the radio control panel

– New tail wheel
– Reduced P-40 inertia starter torque
– AutoC&D doesn’t reset set pilot’s weight
– Tuned fuel consumption
– Added dedicated textures for the volumetric 3d landing light (was dependent on Spitire textures before)
– Tuned prop and flap drag for 25″, full prop forward, -500ft/min, 110mph ias
– Improved texture lighting
– Fixed bug in elevator as seen from cockpit

– AutoC&D doesn’t reset set pilot’s weight.
– Tuned fuel flow
– Show Imperial and US units / mph / knots in clipboard
– Raised detonation ceiling for spitfires to help with takeoffs with fixed pitch prop
– Improved texture lighting

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