Project CARS: Build 345 + Win Thrustmaster…

Posted: 09/11/2012 in Project CARS
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* Added sender’s NodeRefId to participant finished events
* Changed Timings’ remote results not to rely on sender’s local player participant Ids, and changes it to use the sender’s node id
* Fixed some asserts in NodeRefIfSet
* Removed driver duel legacy messages
* Fixed invalid format string for curl errors
* Special effects now using acessors instead of direct variables for the weather state
* Tidy up of env systems to make all weather state member variables protected out side of the enviroment lib
Bug Fixing:
* Fix for leaderboard post-race crash
* Recreate menu set for device upon device reinitialisation
* Automatic wheel preset selection will now prefer combined pedal presets if the controller indicates it is operating in combined mode
EOR Screens:
* Adding post race standings screen
* Updating post race leaderboards screen
* Fixes for post race screens – correct track name, and round number
* Updated conversions from 4×4 matrix to PhysX transform to always normalise resulting quaternion
* Physics system files for the dynamic tyre objects placed on belgian forest kart track
* Updated parameter set for FA tyre
* Kerning on load screen font fixed, background now in lobby screen rather than just empty blackness
* Weird white pixels removed from background image
* Milan: Add seats textures
* Eifelwald GP: New static lights
* Heudsen: New texture maps
* Derby National: New road, inner terrain, barriers, kerbs etc from Schwantz to new Esses
* Derby GP: New road, inner terrain, barriers, kerbs etc from Schwantz to new Esses
* Derby: New textures addition
* Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: Dynamic tyres added
* Florence Short: Thrustmaster Event Dressing (tyre wall logos), tyre wall fixes
* Azure Circuit: Placeholder textures added
* Wisconsin Raceway: Added big garage/t14 building assets, new road with width
* Ford Capri Group5: Added vehicle
* Ford Capri Group5: Fixed tacho calibration
* Ford Capri Group5: Added turbo sound effects
* Ford Capri Group5: Fixed missing front fenders in cockpit view
* Ford Capri Group5: set CPIT exposure + tweaked eyepoint offset
* Ford Capri Group5: Initial pass at physics
* SP300R: Corrected tyre widths
* Caterham Classic: Fixed lights glow texture
* BMW M1: Chassis textures finished, re-organized meshes, various fixes
* BMW M1: merged in new wheelset, reorganized meshes, added CPIT clones, added ambient shadow, fixed various bugs
* BMW M1: Adjusted the ride height
* BMW M1: Adjusted light textures a bit more
* BMW Z4 GT3: Added Thrustmaster livery + red interior
* GUMPERT apollo: Windscreen raindrop effect added to CPIT and LODA

+ გათამაშება Thrustmaster -ის მანიპულატორების.  დაწვრილებით ეწვიეთ ბმულს –  Win Cool Thrustmaster

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