Project CARS: Build 344 (Junior Member+)

Posted: 07/11/2012 in Project CARS
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* Code to disable rendering of imposter shadow casters in the reflection map
* Setup of code to handle rain on the windscreen for different camera views
* Made raindrops use UV channel 3 for mapping
* Enable Seta tyre model as the default
* Fixed lazy inits in Menu and TextEntry
* Improved diagonal stripe background on startup screen
* Logitech Profiler: Add WM_COPYDATA to the windows message filter (Vista/Win7 only) so it doesn’t get blocked by UIPI when UAC is on and the game exe is set to run as administrator
* Changing Huayra to use sounds from its own directory
* Eifelwald: Tweaks to texture:increased detail
* Eifelwald:Removed far distance mountains from alpha channel
* Moravia: Removed obsolete textures
* Belgian Forest: Fixed not working track HUD map by correcting the entry
* BMW Z4 GT3: updated paint template with new bonnet vents
* BMW M1: Updated wheels position and dimension
* BMW M1: Tweaked light textures after testing in-game

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