Project CARS: Build 328 (Team Member +)

Posted: 22/10/2012 in Project CARS
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Solution upgraded to VS 2010
*Reinstate grip point for BTM.
*Switched to 3 rows of seta (24 long).
*Disable all “bolt-on” FFB forces during STM development and testing.
Switch to FMOD v4.42.03 Audio libs, VS2008 Xbox360/PS3/win32 libs., VS2010 Xbox360/PS3/win32 libs. Tweaks to expose more internals for debug metrics and project file changes to suit our setup.
FMOD v4.42.03 workaround for event categories not fading when unpaused more than once.
* Fixed assert in handling UserLeft notification, if it is the local user leaving very early in the connection handler, before UserJoined is received.
* Added CR_USER_SETUP notification on the admin that would be missing if a user’s setup was changed as a result of host validation.
* Added option for enforcing identical vehicles by the admin.
* Added API to set/get the identical vehicles option.
* Modified lobby UI to set / display the identical vehicles option.
NAT handling improvements:
– Adaptive ping rate – do not send p2p pings that often when other traffic is using the direct connection anyway.
– Detect issues with the direct route. These include no traffic and no response to pings or sudden change in the port of incoming datagrams. Fall back to rebroadcasting and reattempt NAT punchthrough when issues are detected. When a connection has issues after reestablishing the direct route too often, fall back to rebroadcasting to that member for the rest of the session.
* Fixed formatting of non-ascii adapter name/description breaking the entries.
* levels changes – especially to AI
* balancing changes to boost volumes of splutters in the light of recent changes
* balancing changes to rectify volume issues with damage.
* balancing adjustment to gravel
* balancing changes to Andy’s previous config.
* some eq and compression changes to aid audibility for pit to car comms.
* Northampton, added night lighting spots and statics, added trees and bushes instances, texture updates
* Fixes to dynamic objects smoothing groups
* Lakeville GP new basic AIW. main path and 43 start spots. Needs triggers added and completed from there
* Wisconsin_raceway – add new txt for wooden fences
* New Derby dynamic ad boards and corner marker changes as requested on forum
* BelgianForrestCircuit Tweaked the saturation.
* Gumpert wiper mask texture added. contains rivulet nmp x and y in rg, rivulet threshold mask in b and the 8 by 8 wiper mask cells in the alpha channel. Currently dxt 5 2048×1024. souce files added to psd sub folder. the rar contains the max file for creating the mask and a splash texture used in the max file for the pools of water from the wiper. The rar also contains 2 psd files for creating the texture. The first contains the channel swaps for the fina texturel but the content is uncompressed and the second contains all source rivulet data before it gets non uniformly scaled down to fit the final texture res. Finally in the rar is the TexturePacker file for combining the rendered pngs into a single sheet.
* Gumpert apollo: rain drop effect enabled. cpit windscreen mapped and ready for wiper mask effect
Several other track and car exports (no CL)

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