Kart Racing Pro: beta7 released

Posted: 06/10/2012 in Kart Racing Pro
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fix: default groove
fix: temperatures in host exports
fix: host exports saved after last session
fix: lost calibration if controller is disconnected
fix: “sticky” buttons support
fix: changed “tearoff” control to “visor wipe”
fix: tire effects of remote karts
fix: race number up to 999 and centered
fix: PKZ loading
fix: driver animations
fix: air choking simulation
fix: karts track width
fix: race classification
fix: rolling start regulations
new: multiple MOTD lines
new: direct testing
new: direct connection
new: slider to select track conditions
new: UK units
new: dedicated server whitelist
new: multiple helmets support
new: multiple bodyworks support
new: multiple intakes support
new: live timing
new: XML export
new: trainer
new: Kinect Face Tracking
new: support for input plugins
new: carburetor simulation and setup
new: F100 category
new: new kart chassis

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