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Changes from 0.6B6 to 0.6B7 :

FIX : Guests were often kicked after another took over their car
Instead of “LAG (seconds)” now “username (seconds)” is displayed
Timer bounding increased to 30 sec for normal LFS (graphic mode)
Timer bounding stays at 6 sec for non-graphical dedicated hosts

Changes from 0.6B5 to 0.6B6 :

Repaired most translations with a small update on one line
FIX : Guest disconnected if host used InSim IS_PLC packet

Changes from 0.6B to 0.6B5 :

Improved multiplayer system :

Game only needs host packets to continue processing
Quicker joining to host – no waiting for other players
No waiting for packets from players with slow connections
Leaving a host is instantaneous even if a guest is connecting
Longer timeouts avoid disconnection due to short interruptions

(NOTE : no change to physics – old replays are still valid)

Other changes :

Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
New hacker protection applied to multiplayer packets
Improved checks on validity of user names while connecting
User names now confirmed with master server after connection
OOS / CPW messages now show user name instead of player name
Removed message “Got master packet” from network debug output
No buffer overflows from hangs or operating system time changes
User name in brackets now shown at end of disconnection messages
New “Authorised” message on host links user name with ip address
Race setup screen /clear command can now only be used by admins
Ability of guests to vote or select tracks now enforced by host

InSim :

Added new leave reasons (CPW / OOS / JOOS / HACK) for IS_CNL
Change to in-game usage of IS_REO – only valid after SMALL_VTA

Fixes :

Custom view was not set to new car type on replay restart
Duplicate lines in scripts could cause unexpected results
Virtual speedo sometimes overlapped numbers (e.g. XRG km/h)
Circuit length is no longer displayed for open configurations
LFS could crash when displaying laps for fuel after short laps
Ready status in lobby is now checked when a player disconnects
Load WE1R on dedicated host – Checkpoint 1 path node not found
User’s controller type was not shown after taking over a car
SHIFT+R near end of SPR could make cars swap between players


Time sync WIP:
* Changed the PC datagram protocol so that the game can now reliably distinguish rebroadcast incoming packets from peer-to-peer packets
* Added time sync online API
* Added time sync message types, hooked time sync singleton from core message handling
* Implemented migration handling and time sync reset calls
* Actual send/receive/process of time sync messages not implemented yet
Fix memtrace name
Memory updates for LiveEdit and Environment adding memtraces and mempools
Removed all GUI handlers from application precompiled headers. The GUI handlers were causing a lot of other headers to be included in the PCH
Online sessions:
* Waiting for time synchronziation now happens before sending the race sync message, which can thus depend on the synchronized time
* Members will start the game timer with a synchronized time in the ready-to-pre-race state. (The time synchronization is still fake.)
* Post-load sync messages contain some extra data generated by the host
* Admin will send a countdown event to everyone. This does not 100% work with host migration, but this is good enough for now, because the whole race start sequence will be changing later to support join-in-progress and multi-stage races, so the players will be entering an in-race lobby instead of the race track after load
* Countdown in MP races will use the values generated by the admin, instead of locally generated random values
OnlineSupport_SessionVariable.cpp added to Aries.vcxproj
Multiplayer Create/Lobby screens now enabled, Free Practice access now fixed
CreateMultiplayer and MultiplayerLobby screens created (disabled during implementation)
Additional Bathurst texturemap
Desaturated a bit the castle textures of Eifelwald
Belgian Forest – update trees for marshal huts
Northampton – texture tweak
Belgian forest – add new texture (marshal huts)
Northampton. New textures
Northampton. Added details into the windows
Added new kerbs textures for Eifelwald, first revision
Placeholder texturemap of the videoboard for the GUI scene
New Azure Circuit export
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Eifelwald export
New Northampton export

Build 305 (20/9/12, Senior manager)
Online session:
* When game state changes between lobby, loading, and race, member variables and states only meaningful in one of the states will be reset. This will later allow cycling between each state several times, e.g. loading a few races in the same session
* Before transitioning to race, clients wait until they synchronize their time with the admin. For now, there’s no actual synchronization, but the code above it is in place
* Renamed functions dealing with the member variable data block to give them a common prefix
* Renamed transient load states to make it clear that they’re transient states
Ghost system:
* EndMission can be called even if the mission hasn’t been started yet. This scenario can happen if the game is shut down during certain stages of the race load sequence
Azure Circuit: New textures for building
Placeholder texturemap of the videoboard for the GUI scene
New Belgium Forest export

Build 304 (19/9/12, Senior Manager)
– Removed redundant EventStats related code
Updated UID/Hash building macros to add leading zeroes to generated hash values
Implemented custom allocator for BForceEffect objects
Online session:
* When a member finishes loading of race data, they will switch to the LOADED state
* Leave and disconnect handlers are now called in a predictable manner
* Added synchronization service to the session. Each member has a few variables that will be synchronized to other members
* Added events used to exchange the synchronized data
* Fixed relative order of app and Online session log entries, so that the App “initiatiing action xxx” appears before the online system logs that it’s doing “xxx”
* Changed app-side logging of session states from numeric values to human-readable strings
* Fixed a situation where load wouldn’t progress after host migration if certain conditions related to message timing would be met
* Added empty placeholder files
Northampton. New textures
Artsource textures for dynamic brake markers
New Monterey Brake Marker dynamic objects (physics scene files)
Rain droplet on paintwork nmp made deeper
Paintwork droplet nmp made deeper
Common vehicle rain droplet texture edited so that mask has more stages (100 rather than 10). Process now created in after effects so it can easily be edited

Build 303 (18/9/12, Manager+)
Fixed scrolling issues in Time Trial leaderboard: Page Down now stops when the last page is reached. Page Up on the first row, or Page Down from the last row, or Go To Top when already at the top, will no longer cause a server request
Fixed crash when using ‘Use Best In session’ and returning to the time trial screen
Online: Leaving current game session explicitly can now specify other reason than “session left normally”.
Monterey – tweak garage texture; new garage AO texture; Removed logos from texturemaps; Statics – fixed intersecting static models with new addons
new bathurst texturemaps
Missing weather icon from source control
New Bathurst and Monterey exports

rFactor2: IMMERSION 2

Posted: 20/09/2012 in rFactor 2
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Reiza Studios განაცხადა რომ დღეიდან GSC (Game Stock Car) -ი ხელმისაწდომი იქნება დემო ვერსია 30 დღიანი ნაცვლათ 1 საათიანისა. დემოში შესულია 4 ავტომობილი:

Stock Car V8
Mini Challenge
Camaro SS
Formula 3


ხოლო სრული ვერსიის ფასი არის 19.90$ დაწვრილებით ინფორმაცია და დემო ვერსიის გადმოწერა შემდეგ ბმულზე – Demo offers 30 days of unlimited gameplay


გამოვიდა მორიგი განახლება ავია სიმულატორის RoF (Rise of Flight) ამ განახლებაში საყურადღებოა, ახალი ჰიდრო-პლანერი Brandenburg W12 -ის რელიზი, ეს მათვის ვისაც წინსწრებით (preorder) ჰქონდათ შეძენილი, რადგანაც ჯერ კიდევ დამუშავების პროცესშია Chanel map -ი (ლამანშის სრუტე) ასევე გამოსულია ოფიციალური “სქრინ-პაკი რომელსაც შემდეგ ბმულზე ნახავთ გადმოსაწერსაც.

დაწვრილებით ცვლილებებზე და სიახლეებზე იხილეთ ოფ. საიტზე – 1.028 is ready

The profile is now stored in a completely different way. Delete of profile is required for this build.

Online session:
* Fixed some commands in the debug menu that would assert when the game state was not compatible with the command; they will now fail gracefully
* Online sessions initialize campaign interface, scripts on longer crash
* Improved asserts for checking expected game state for callbacks handling local user joining and leaving
* Information about the current session is kept up to date in the online support system; this information is available to UI via a new API
* Added extra information about the current server and session to the debug print state command
* Livery validation in the lobby is now implemented. If any member requests a “don’t care” livery, the admin will choose one, so that all members see the same livery
* Fixed syncpoint manager crashing when joining another session in the same process. When leaving a session, the syncpoint manager will clean up
* Fixed assignments to NodeRefIds in syncpoint manager
Added new getters to vehicle details for validation and randomization of liveries
Implemented “kick member” API call on PS3, handling of “kicked out” and “room destroyed” room events
Monterey – add new txt for stairs
Monterey – add new texture for distant bridge
Monterey – new garage textures
Bumped version of all vehicles for Leaderboards stat reset
Monterey. New AO map, first commit
Monterey – add new textures for bridge
New Bathurst export
New Eifelwald export
New Monterey export

Build 300 (13/9/12, Senior manager)
Online session:
* Before starting data load, all clients fill GameSetup class with the final setup data send by the session admin
* Extended final setup data to contain more information needed to setup the GameSetup race details
* Race load is now triggered after the final setup is distributed among all members
* Local non-authoritative validation of user setup does not check for the structure valid flags; this allows the validation to work even if the data hasn’t yet been validated by the admin
* Added persistent history of received chat messages, which is also used to check for duplicate chat packets
* Fixed incorrect asserts received when handling notification about the local user leaving the session while loading
* Replaced all RTTI functionality with BStorage (migration and fix-up of CL 243030)
ControllerSettings now uses index-mapped arrays for storage of deadzone and sensitivity settings
Cleanup in GameSetup:
* Moved some type declarations from inside setup-related classes to a namesace scope in a separate header. This allows the enums to be used in other headers
* Removed some no longer used functions
* Split monolithic SetupRaceDetails to several functions
Memphis – placed sitting 2d crowds
Memphis – added LOD distances definition for crowds
AzureCircuit:New textures for Archbridge asset
Added race mode info for MP race
Crowds – fixed some issues
Monterey. Tweaked textures/PSD files
Added second chase cam using settings from build 296
BMW M1: Added data for pop-up headlights animation
Paganis cpit exposure set to 0.8 to go with new lighting. 0.7 made the environment look to bright.
Monterey. Some dirt added
Fix for skid pan 200m markers (they were still using the object name that is hard coded, by the coders, to split into multiple parts, which then causes an error)
Monterey – add new textures for motherbridge
Experimental condtion added to wtc in slot clear5. brighter ambient, more colourful shadows, brighter reflections. White cars look more white at dawn and dusk as a result and in day cars have more of a blue sheen. emissives, headlights and other night specific lighting will look blown out because of increased exposure at this time
New icons for Time Trial screens and visual improvement
New BMW M1 export
New Pagani Huayra export
New Azure Coast export

დღეს უკვე ოფიციალურად დაანონსა KUNOS Simulazioni -იმ Pagani Zonda R – ის ლიცენზია სიმულატორში.

“Kunos Simulazioni is proud to announce a new licensing agreement with Pagani Automobili. This license will allow the development team to reproduce the Pagani Zonda R in Assetto Corsa, considered a very special content in all the most famous racing games.
With the input of its avid track focused customers, the Pagani team has created the Zonda R using bespoke engineering solutions to meet the performance demands for a trackday version of the highly popular Zonda F. The central monocoque is made of a Carbon-Titanium composite, increasing rigidity while reducing
significantly the weight. Bolted directly to the chassis is the Mercedes AMG 6.0 litre race derived V12 engine, with 750 hp and 710 Nm of torque.
The Xtrac Magnesium cased dog ring gearbox combined with tha Automac Engineering AMT system performs gearshifts in 20ms, triggered by the drivers input on the paddles behind the steering wheel.
Aerodynamic setups rage from a high downforce setting of 1.500kg to a 350kmh top speed setting. Aspa forged AvionAl suspension components as well as machined structural ErgAl parts holding the engine and gearbox have been designed to reduce the weight of the overall car, Poggipolini Titanium screws are
used on the whole car. These measures lead to a dry weight of 1.070 kg. A power-to-weight ratio of 701 hp-per-ton will catapult them from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2,7 seconds, the
Brembo carbon ceramic brakes ensure the car comes to a standstill even quicker.
This exclusive car will be included in 1.0 version of new Kunos PC racing game Assetto Corsa, expected to
be released in 2012.”

რელიზი ოფიციალური Formula 2 -ის გადმოწერა შესაძლებელია ოფიცილარუ საიტიდან – Williams JPH1B