Live for Speed: TEST PATCH 0.6B5/0.6B7

Posted: 21/09/2012 in Live for Speed
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Changes from 0.6B6 to 0.6B7 :

FIX : Guests were often kicked after another took over their car
Instead of “LAG (seconds)” now “username (seconds)” is displayed
Timer bounding increased to 30 sec for normal LFS (graphic mode)
Timer bounding stays at 6 sec for non-graphical dedicated hosts

Changes from 0.6B5 to 0.6B6 :

Repaired most translations with a small update on one line
FIX : Guest disconnected if host used InSim IS_PLC packet

Changes from 0.6B to 0.6B5 :

Improved multiplayer system :

Game only needs host packets to continue processing
Quicker joining to host – no waiting for other players
No waiting for packets from players with slow connections
Leaving a host is instantaneous even if a guest is connecting
Longer timeouts avoid disconnection due to short interruptions

(NOTE : no change to physics – old replays are still valid)

Other changes :

Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
New hacker protection applied to multiplayer packets
Improved checks on validity of user names while connecting
User names now confirmed with master server after connection
OOS / CPW messages now show user name instead of player name
Removed message “Got master packet” from network debug output
No buffer overflows from hangs or operating system time changes
User name in brackets now shown at end of disconnection messages
New “Authorised” message on host links user name with ip address
Race setup screen /clear command can now only be used by admins
Ability of guests to vote or select tracks now enforced by host

InSim :

Added new leave reasons (CPW / OOS / JOOS / HACK) for IS_CNL
Change to in-game usage of IS_REO – only valid after SMALL_VTA

Fixes :

Custom view was not set to new car type on replay restart
Duplicate lines in scripts could cause unexpected results
Virtual speedo sometimes overlapped numbers (e.g. XRG km/h)
Circuit length is no longer displayed for open configurations
LFS could crash when displaying laps for fuel after short laps
Ready status in lobby is now checked when a player disconnects
Load WE1R on dedicated host – Checkpoint 1 path node not found
User’s controller type was not shown after taking over a car
SHIFT+R near end of SPR could make cars swap between players


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