Project CARS: Build 301 (13/9/12, Team Member+)

Posted: 13/09/2012 in Project CARS
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The profile is now stored in a completely different way. Delete of profile is required for this build.

Online session:
* Fixed some commands in the debug menu that would assert when the game state was not compatible with the command; they will now fail gracefully
* Online sessions initialize campaign interface, scripts on longer crash
* Improved asserts for checking expected game state for callbacks handling local user joining and leaving
* Information about the current session is kept up to date in the online support system; this information is available to UI via a new API
* Added extra information about the current server and session to the debug print state command
* Livery validation in the lobby is now implemented. If any member requests a “don’t care” livery, the admin will choose one, so that all members see the same livery
* Fixed syncpoint manager crashing when joining another session in the same process. When leaving a session, the syncpoint manager will clean up
* Fixed assignments to NodeRefIds in syncpoint manager
Added new getters to vehicle details for validation and randomization of liveries
Implemented “kick member” API call on PS3, handling of “kicked out” and “room destroyed” room events
Monterey – add new txt for stairs
Monterey – add new texture for distant bridge
Monterey – new garage textures
Bumped version of all vehicles for Leaderboards stat reset
Monterey. New AO map, first commit
Monterey – add new textures for bridge
New Bathurst export
New Eifelwald export
New Monterey export

Build 300 (13/9/12, Senior manager)
Online session:
* Before starting data load, all clients fill GameSetup class with the final setup data send by the session admin
* Extended final setup data to contain more information needed to setup the GameSetup race details
* Race load is now triggered after the final setup is distributed among all members
* Local non-authoritative validation of user setup does not check for the structure valid flags; this allows the validation to work even if the data hasn’t yet been validated by the admin
* Added persistent history of received chat messages, which is also used to check for duplicate chat packets
* Fixed incorrect asserts received when handling notification about the local user leaving the session while loading
* Replaced all RTTI functionality with BStorage (migration and fix-up of CL 243030)
ControllerSettings now uses index-mapped arrays for storage of deadzone and sensitivity settings
Cleanup in GameSetup:
* Moved some type declarations from inside setup-related classes to a namesace scope in a separate header. This allows the enums to be used in other headers
* Removed some no longer used functions
* Split monolithic SetupRaceDetails to several functions
Memphis – placed sitting 2d crowds
Memphis – added LOD distances definition for crowds
AzureCircuit:New textures for Archbridge asset
Added race mode info for MP race
Crowds – fixed some issues
Monterey. Tweaked textures/PSD files
Added second chase cam using settings from build 296
BMW M1: Added data for pop-up headlights animation
Paganis cpit exposure set to 0.8 to go with new lighting. 0.7 made the environment look to bright.
Monterey. Some dirt added
Fix for skid pan 200m markers (they were still using the object name that is hard coded, by the coders, to split into multiple parts, which then causes an error)
Monterey – add new textures for motherbridge
Experimental condtion added to wtc in slot clear5. brighter ambient, more colourful shadows, brighter reflections. White cars look more white at dawn and dusk as a result and in day cars have more of a blue sheen. emissives, headlights and other night specific lighting will look blown out because of increased exposure at this time
New icons for Time Trial screens and visual improvement
New BMW M1 export
New Pagani Huayra export
New Azure Coast export

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