rFactor 2: rFactor2 Test Build 107 Released

Posted: 31/08/2012 in rFactor 2
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UPDATE 7 (Build 107) Changelog (August 29, 2012):

Note: These release notes were compiled from small dev notes. Wrong category is possible.

Added some HDR debug

made spin correction not work while on pitspot.

turbo code
working turbo code minus intercooler (but we’re ignoring the decreased charge density until that’s in)
for turbos, made configurable the location of boost pressure measurement for wastegate purposes
fixed intake manifold pressure calc for turbos

fixed AI miscalculating fuel needs for fuel multiplier values greater than 1

made multiplayer list “event name” field now “venue name, event name”
virtual mirrors (and toggling them) now work the same for cockpit and TV cockpit
added 2 pairs of x,y offsets to mouseless scroll boxes that can define the position of the specific image within the scrollbox item. (the image used to always be placed at 0,0 and extend to the full extent of the scrollbox item)
increased multiplayer game list buffer & standardized internal buffers for safer future upgrade

fixed keyboard handling in UI editor (we weren’t handling Windows messages in a special tight loop)
made gamedatabase switches more robust.
fixed net lag issue (which was caused by extra data being sent without regard to appropriate bandwidth limit)
fixed skinning bug with non-retail showrooms
removed redundant gdb value “GrandPrixName”…since it was always identical to “EventName”.
fixed track selection gizmos from stocking multiple copies of the same event.
fixed a bug where main page veh, rfm, or track icon would not show up because it was the wrong format.

Added sort field for sorting by location to NetCommUtil
made the text color of the racegrid participants customizable instead of hard-coded.


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