X-Motor Racing: Release the version 1.39

Posted: 14/08/2012 in X-Motor Racing
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Changes from 1.375 to 1.39: გადმოწერა XMR 1.39 ზოგადი ინფორმაცია სიმულატორის შესახებ XMR

  • Improved network performance
  • Added bonnet camera
  • Changes in VehicleSound
  • Added synchronization to network damage model
  • Improved close racing
  • Added chat to client menu
  • Improved disconnection
  • Added additional info to HUD
  • Adding pings of the other cars
  • Added pit-stop starting to network race
  • Improved network starting
  • Improved TORCS compatible interface
  • Improved SDK
  • Added car recovery in network race
  • Added last lap time
  • Added current lap time
  • Changed session starting
  • Added country flag rendering in multiplayer
  • Improved online loading

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