Falcon BMS: Update 3 is available!

Posted: 24/07/2012 in Falcon BMS
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განახლების გადმოწერა და დაყენების წესი იხილეთ ოფ. გვერდზე – Falcon BMS 4.32 – Update 3 დაყენების ინსტრუქცია Falcon BMS -ის თემაში


- Fixed old DED/PFL state being transmitted to shared mem if UFCPower not available.
- Fixed DLINK remembering last state after DLINK power down/failure. Fixed DED displaying DLINK data if DLINK is powered down/failed.
- Fixed deterministic weather changing briefly back to SUNNY during weather changes.
- New config variable g_nPickleSpikeTolerance (default 10) added. This sets a tolerance in ms before pickle releases are actually executed. SimPickle is sensitive to external input system "spiking", i.e. micro-releases. If a new pickle press is registered during the tolerance period, the original release is discarded.
- CTD Fix in RakNet's ReliabilityLayer::HandleSocketReceiveFromConnectedPlayer().
- Fix for "the battle of sinai" MissileClass::CommandGuide CTD.
- Fix for 2nd entry to 3d timing out in pie screen.
- Buffer overwrite fixes, Mem leak fixes, NULL pointer checks.
- Fixed the range knob position to affect FCR gain and TGP zoom only when actually moved under SOI. This way there will not be "jumps" when switching SOI .
- Flight cannot be deleted anymore when players are in (will avoid other invisible player cases). Added proper error message for deleting flights which contain human pilots.
- Changed default keyfile for new pilots to BMS.key (was keystrokes.key before).
- Added new key callbacks "SimPause" and "SimResume" (in addition to the existing combined "SimTogglePaused").
- Pilot entertainment system:
-- added possibility to pause/resume (in addition to start/stop), new callback "WinAmpTogglePause".
-- changed DCS SEQ to call TogglePause (pause/resume) instead of TogglePlayback (start/stop).
- Fixed reverse FCR gain w/ rage knob direction. Fixed FCR gain w/ rage knob changing if FCR is not SOI.
- Fixed horn silencer button animation in 3D pit.
- Fixed some analogue controller axes appearing twice in the UI drop-down boxes.
- Enhanced AFResetTrim/ResetTrim so that it can "unstuck" runaway trim states as well.
- Changed the hotasPinkyHold timer for DX shifting to use real time.
- Added config option which allows the MP host to specify the available launch options (RAMP/TAXI/TAKEOFF): set g_nMPStartRestricted (default 0=RAMP/TAXI/TAKEOFF, 1=RAMP/TAXI, 2=RAMP)
- Added config options which allow the MP host to restrict Smoke and NVG usage:
-- set g_bAllowMP_NVG (default 1/true)
-- set g_bAllowMP_Smoke (default 1/true)
- Fixed player option "UI Radio Chatter" having no effect unless it is actively changed.
- Fixed fuel flow indicator range (it's maxing out at 80.000 pph now).
- Invisible Aircraft in MP fix.
- Changed command line option "-nomovie", it will disable ALL movie playback now. If you only want to disable the intro movie, use the proper "set g_bPlayIntroMovie 0" config setting instead (it's available in the config editor as well).
- Fixed Laser ARM switch, it can now be set independent of Master ARM.
- DTE MFD page changes:
-- Fixed loading highlighting order to be counter-clockwise (was clockwise before),
-- page now shows the actual INI file name(s) as DTC ID for easy reference.
- Fixed FCR radar cursors, they can't be slewed anymore while AC is on ground.
- Fixed Data Link modes and the assignment ID’s, they are no longer displayed on the FCR if DL power is off.
- Fixed antenna elevation, it can only be changed now if FCR is SOI.
- Fixed some MFDs in greenmode/non-color mode, which were still using colors.
- Fixed exporting displays to shared texture memory area (will work again in the same way that it did for OpenFalcon and BMS 2): Setting g_bExportRTTTextures to 1 will create a shared texture memory area (even w/o external displays enabled), named "FalconTexturesSharedMemoryArea". This does work as well with double RTT resolution! The shared mem area is not updated every frame, but every g_nRTTExportBatchSize frame (defaults to 2).
- Changed version string output in both the main UI and the monolog file to be: "Falcon BMS x.y.z (plat) Build n", e.g. "Falcon BMS 4.32.2 (x86) Build 10900". This allows for easier identifying of the actual applied update for the end-users (x=major, y=minor, z=micro/Update), while keeping the actual build version in there for dev reference.
- Fixed squadron patches not completely/all showing in UI logbook.
- Implemented generic Airbase validity check. "Faulty" Airbases will no longer cause a CTD, but a MonoLog output which includes the name, VU_ID and the X/Y position for tracking. Adjusted all Airbase checks in landme.cpp to use the generic check.
- Fix for BuildControllerList() CTD in case an input device is enumerated, but for some reason has no valid name string.
- Fixed possible "out of index" CTD when building video driver or resolution list.
- Corrected ObjectLOD::ReadFromFile() to ensure the target ObjectLOD stays valid (but empty) if a file error occurs. Formerly, the target ObjectLOD was partly set to undefined values in case of a file error.

– Fixed tower calling out RWY 32 at Kimpo as 31.
– Applies the fix for the M2000 additional air intakes (see U2) to the 2000-D and 2000-N cockpit 3D wings.
– A complete overhaul to TE00 Ramp start training script.
– Added proper error message string for deleting flights which contain human pilots.
– Added new dedicated SimPause and SimResume callbacks to BMS.key (unmapped), in addition to the existing SimTogglePaused callback.
– Fix for the block 32 AFM.
– Added config options which allow the MP host to invoke some restrictions:
— set g_bAllowMP_NVG 1 // Allows the MP host to specify whether NVGs can be used (default 1/true)
— set g_bAllowMP_Smoke 1 // Allows the MP host to specify whether Smoke can be used (default 1/true)
— set g_nMPStartRestricted 0 // Allows the MP host to specify which startup options are allowed (default 0=RAMP/TAXI/TAKEOFF, 1=RAMP/TAXI, 2=RAMP)
– Fixes a bug with the missing HTS sensor, that prevents from locking any target when the AS-37 (anti-radiation) missile is loaded. Added a line “Has_HTS 1” to mirage2k9.dat and mirage2kd.dat
– Fixed radar not being able to acquire EF2000 and JAS39 by changing their radar surface ratio to 91% of F-16 (detection will be around 33Nm now).
– Added new options for the shared texture memory area to “Falcon BMS.cfg”:
— set g_bExportRTTTextures 0 // This enables the shared texture memory area for HUD/MFDs/HMS/RWR/DED/PFL. This is independent from BMS external window usage!
— set g_nRTTExportBatchSize 2 // This determines how often the shared texture memory area (if it is enabled) will be updated (every Nth frame, default is 2).
– Updated rumble.ogg sound: removed crackle when playback starts (Touchdown), start and ending off rumble sample zeroised and loop optimized (thanks to Livrot).
– Corrected transparency for pilot pictures, none of them will show up “pink” anymore.
– Added squadron patches for:
— 121st VFS Grim Griffins
— 320vFW e-HAF
— 323sq Nemesis
— 324sq Grypes
— 325sq Pelekis
— 326sq Aspis
— ViperDrivers
– Corrected squadron patch for:
— 87th Straydogs (got rid of pink border)
– Removed faulty squadron patches:
— 321 vTS Centaur
— Ukraine Air Force

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