A2A Simulations: Core Accu-Sim Update v.1.3.1

Posted: 29/05/2012 in A2A Simulations
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გამოვიდა ახალი საბაზო  Core Accu-Sim. ამ განახლებაში შესულია სამი ს.ა. – Spitfire MkI/II,  P-40,  P-51.  ინსტალაციის თანმიმდევრობა; თვითფრინავი, Accu-Sim, Core Accu-Sim. გადმოსაწერი ბმული. ზოგადი ინფორმაცია A2A Simulations

სიახლეების, ჩასწორებების. სრული სია:
- New oil system modeling. Based on A2A independent tests on live Merlin and Allison engines. Oil pressure is slower to rise, and pressures can be extremely high with cold oil. It is very important you observe oil temperature minimum temperatures before applying full power.
- Re-coded the magneto behavior on engine power
- Accu-Sim engine performance and drag envelopes better synched with FSX flight modeling
- Mach drag removed from FSX and fully controlled via Accu-Sim core
- Adjusted fuel starvation with clogged fuel filters
- Increased Co2 power for Spitfire emergency gear
- Wear power scalar to improve control over engine life for different engine types
- Some fuel system delivery tweaks, increased fuel pump output to avoid some pre-mature fuel starvation with very high power

– Sometimes moving to a new airfield from being in the air would result in the gear not being lowered.
– Reduced moisture put into the air by breathing

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