Kart Racing Pro: beta 6

Posted: 28/03/2012 in Kart Racing Pro
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Kart Racing Pro-ის მეექვსე ბეტა ვერსია. გადმოსაწერი ბმული და ზოგადი ინფორმაციის ნახვა შეიძlება ბმულზე – Kart Racing Pro

fix: dedicated server replay
fix: dedicated server dynamic track surface reset
fix: rolling start corridors crossing penalty
fix: gap in race classification
fix: poll across a server restart
fix: setup page on track bug
fix: remote karts sunk into the ground
fix: possibility to reconnect to a server with a different kart
fix: cleanup of disconnected drivers with no laps
fix: disconnected drivers greyed out in classification
fix: improved mouselook
fix: look left/right/back
fix: faster cleanup of dirt tires
new: free-roam replay camera
new: wizard to setup steering wheel rotation
new: display of position and gap and the end of a race
new: Rye House track

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