Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2112: Update 5 and 6 [ver. 11.0b]

Posted: 22/02/2012 in News - Archive
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ამ პატჩში შესულია ყველა მანამდე გამოსული განახლებები და ყენდება ზედ ყველა ვერსიაზე დაწყებული 6.2с პატჩის გადმოწერა – Update 5 and 6 [ver. 11.0b]
დაყენების წესი, უშვებთ გადმოწერილ ინსტალატორს Railworks.3.Train.Simulator.2012.Deluxe.Update.5.and.6 უთითებთ საქაღალდეს სადაც დაყენებულია სიმულატორი. შემდეგ საქაღალდე SKIDROW აკოპირებთ სამცალ ფაილს (LocalisedStrings.dll, SKIDROW, Steamclient.dll) და გადააწერთ თამაშის მთავარ საქაღალდეში.
ზოგადი ინფორმაცია სიმულატორზე – TS2012
შესული ცვლილებები 10.9a და 11.0b ვერსიებში:

- FXAA replaces MLAA.
- Fix for floating grills
- Kuju RailSimulator Bridge Lofts fixed
- Kuju RailSimulator Digital Clocks do not illuminate at night.
- Use actual frame timing rather than time sliced frame timing for edit camera, so frame rate is consistent with camera motion.
- Fix for showing incorrect FPS with shift + z
- Less GPU stalling at high framerates by flushing the command buffer when 2 frames are queued for rendering.
- Unstepped rather than unclamped for frame time updates on camera
- Physics transformation interpolation for Player RV geometry and Physical cab camera
- Brake pipe pressure gauge fully working in HUD
- Increased protection against cracks
- Fix for mixed double head steam running out of fuel
- Fix for facing double head steam fighting
- Particle optimisations
- Multicore improvments
- Superelevation works on 3D track
- Casting lights are scaled back on lower settings
- Tile File loading optimisations to smooth streaming
- Emitter shaders are only loaded once
- Smoothed dirty network building to stop stutters
- FXAA doesnt up then down sample when SSAA enabled - less blurry
- Platform character update optimisations
- Incorrect water clipping fixed
- Electric power on 3rd rail with no panto
- Gantry tool offers height offset
- HW instancing turned off in PS2.0
- Changing the time of day in the scenario editor will not permanently turn off day/night type lights in the current tile.
- Fix for crash in cScriptManager update
- Scenery decals are incorrectly lit in TSX.
- Seasonal lighting up times
- Invisible decals
- AA issues with precipitation fixed
- Day/Night lights additional fix for randomly being in wrong state
- Fix for point light / spot light / water changes not saving when only properties in the fly out are modified
- Fix for hex colour parsing / display
- TrainBumpSpecMask shader was ignoring specular mask fixing a loose end with Career Mode cheating
- Smoothness improvements in scenery streaming

- Fix for particle draw order issue when Low or Medium Quality shaders selected in conjunction with SSAA
- Fix for wrong Language on tool-tips on the AA slider in wrapper options.

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