Kart Racing Pro: beta-4 released

Posted: 30/10/2011 in Kart Racing Pro, News - Archive
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გადმოწრა და ზოგადი ინფორმაცია სიმულატორზე – Kart Racing Pro   ცვლილებათა სრული სია –
fix: neutral between first and second gear
fix: tuned dirt on visor
fix: shift help forced off when a server is set to "No Helpers"
fix: setup copy bug
fix: mandatory warmup lap for standing starts
fix: tire pressure simulation
fix: track width setup
fix: common paints folder
fix: jump-start detect
fix: tires vibration at near-zero speed
new: dynamic track surface
new: splits in dash
new: multiple dashes support
new: limited number of tearoffs
new: idle throttle setup
new: radiator cover setup
new: support for multiple track layouts
new: track list for dedicated server

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